Design Inspiration - Room 4

Design Inspiration - Room 4

What defines Modernism? How does a modernist room differ significantly from a room with furniture from another movement or one with no artistic associations whatsoever? For one, modernism is all about being daring and about re-thinking. This modern living room is a paragon of how modern furniture can completely revive notions of harmony. For example, the couch in this living room is not mirrored by another such couch; instead it is paralleled by two chairs. These chairs, however are not ordinary chairs, they can pass for small couches. It is because these are inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona collection which was a trailblazing set of 20th century furniture design. These exposition chairs feign the couch look perfectly with the two of them side by side. A modernist room thus rethinks the idea of symmetry, with the chairs being akin to the couch.

The Exposition Daybed rounds off this living room’s ‘U’ shape, but it too is not a couch. It leaves even spacing between its opposite sides, and like the Exposition Chair, it is inspired by van der Rohe’s Barcelona collection. It fits perfectly, despite being a piece of furniture, neither a couch nor a chair. More symmetry is infused yet challenged, as two identical flower vases stand on opposite sides, but they too are not exact confinements of symmetry, as one is closer to the window while the other is farther away. Nonetheless, they are slightly additions to the modern living room. These pieces of furniture surround the Noguchi style TriBeCa coffee table. As the centerpiece, its edges are triangular, pointing towards each third of the collection. The Marble Strobe Floor Lamp serves as the couch other side, which needs not another flower vase; the lamp matches the color scheme adroitly.

A beautiful configuration, this room is modernism incarnate. The right furniture can perfectly sum up modernism with its presence. For the couch, opt for our LC5 sofa, a lovely economical choice.

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