6 Myths About Mid Century Modern Furniture

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Mar 16th 2018

Mid Century Modern (MCM) furniture is having a huge moment right now. It could be the fact that people are simply drawn to its unique and simple (yet sleek) designs or maybe it’s because they were inspired by the Mad Men’s design aesthetic. Whatever the case is, people really love MCM furniture (just check out the Manhattan Home Design reviews to see how much people love it). But here are some misconceptions about the design style that we’re here to clear up: 1. It’s outdated
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5 Home Decor Trends For 2018

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Dec 23rd 2017

It's already the end of 2017, but if you're like many of Americans -- your home decor has stayed the same for over a decade. Many home decor fads have come and gone, so how can you update your home to withstand the test of time? With 2018 quickly approaching, we compiled a list of the most popular pieces that can refresh any room so you can start the year with a fresh new classic look. The best part of our Manhattan Home Design collection is that these trends can be seamlessly blended into you
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What’s The Newest Style Upgrade On ABC’s SharkTank?

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Nov 4th 2017

ABC's hit show Shark Tank now features best-selling Eames Lounge Chairs If you're anything like us, you tune in every Sunday to watch new episodes of the critically acclaimed and Emmy® Award-winning show, Shark Tank. We love this show for many reasons. As a successful start-up ourselves, the entrepreneurial message of the show always captivates us. The Sharks – tough, rich, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons – search to find the right investments for their portfolios and grow new bus
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Saarinen Womb Chair & Ottoman For Stylish Interiors

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Aug 23rd 2017

The womb chair and the ottoman designed by Eero Saarinen is one of the most recognized designs in the interior design industry. He designed this cultural icon at the request of Florence Knoll, who wanted a chair full of pillows where she could curl up and relax. Working on her words, Saarinen designed the iconic womb chair that brought life to her words. Media Appearances Womb chair is highly innovative and is also novel in appearance. This chair became so popular that it appeared in many
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Celebrating The Style Of Eero Saarinen

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Aug 21st 2017

World acclaimed Eero Saarinen played an important role in the making of modern architecture. Born in Finland in the year 1910, Saarinen is well known for his innovations in his designs and also for the controversies that surrounded his work. He pushed the limits of modern architecture and created new designs in every project he worked on. Eero’s family moved to the USA when he was 13 years old. As a teen, Eero started his work with his family who were very talented. His father was an archi
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