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Cobra™ OmniBoard

Cobra™ OmniBoard

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Cobra™ OmniBoard

A revolutionary ergonomic concept to reduce fatigue

by allowing users to quickly change from a seated

to a standing position.

• Track Length: 23"

• Height Adjustment: Lift and Release

• Tilt Adjustment: Wand

• Tilt: +10º/-20º

• Positive Tilt Lockout: Field Installable

• Height Range: 12.5"

• Base Swivel: 360º

• Material: Steel

• Finish: Black Powder Coat

The highly styled Cobra™ Sit-Stand puts the keyboard, tray and mouse in perfect usage range - whether sitting or

standing. Extensive research has proven that the ability to move quickly from a seated to a standing position

significantly reduces fatigue. With our patented design, tray, mousing and color options, it's easy to assemble a

complete set of Intellaspace™ keyboarding products that offer a personalized ergonomic fit.

OmniBoard™ Keyboard Tray

• 1/4” thin phenolic allows complete knee clearance

• Gel palm rest (removable) for maximum ergonomic


• Gel mouse pad and adjustable mouse catcher with

cord manager

• Mouse platform easily switches right to left and

above or below tray

• 19.5” x 11.5”, plus 8.25” diameter mouse surface Item #: 25971

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