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Arco Lamp Replica

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Arco Floor Lamp: Arch Floor Lamp for Manhattan Home Design

The Arco Floor lamp in style of Achille Castiglioni is a timeless masterpiece. A beautiful authentic Carrara Marble stone that creates an elegant and sophisticated focal point for your room. The dramatic stainless steel finished Arch, with four adjustable arches creates an incredible and luxurious environment.

The head is embellished and protected by a dome-like shape, adding to the artistry. The Arco floor lamp is the most eminent specimen in arch lamps and easily commands attention. A product of innovation, it was designed by Italyís architect Achille Castiglioni and his brothers in the 1960s and is considered a modern lighting fixture today.

This piece is manufactured to the exact architectural specifications and materials as the one that retail for $3,000. You can have it TODAY..with FREE FedEx Shipping for less than $500

  • Iconic arch design, Castiglioni style(1962)
  • True to original: Hand cut and polished 160lb Sculptured Italian Carrara Marble base
  • True to original: 2 Circumference hole bored completely though the marble base.
  • True to original: 45 degree 1 angles honed into all 8 corners, 4 on top, 4 on bottom of marble.
  • True to original: 3 individual adjusting points in stem
  • True to original: Marble base is channel cut housing the stainless steel finished stem on the back side
  • Maximum arch height of lamp is 95"
  • Maximum span of lamp from marble base to reflector is 78.6"
  • Dimension of marble base 21.2" h x 9.4"
  • Electric cord with floor dimmer button for easy operation
  • 126 individual holes in aluminum heat diffuser to allow light at the top of the hood
  • Pivoting stainless steel brushed hood measures 11.5" at its widest point
  • Soft white reflective hood interior for efficient light reflection

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The Arco floor lamp was introduced to the world in 1962. It was designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, Italian designers who are also brothers. The Arco Lamp is a floor lamp that has a long, curved arm that stretches out at around eight feet from a marble base. The Manhattan Home Design Castiglioni Arco Floor Lamp is a must-have accessory and an icon of modern design. The Manhattan Home Design Castiglioni's replica is true to the original design down to every last feature. The Arco Lampís base is made of Carrera marble that it is sturdy enough to hold up a spun aluminum reflector by way of an arched stainless steel lacquered modifiable stem. This outstanding floor lamp goes well with lounge chair replica because it will bring out the sophistication and class in any room you put it in.

The original flos Arco Floor Lamp sells for around $3,000.00. This high quality Arco floor lamp replica by Manhattan Home Design Arco Lamp reproduction is manufactured to the exact specifications and materials as the original Arco Lamp Castiglioni and for a Limited Time at a sale price of only $499 with FREE SHIPPING.

We offer 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
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Features that go Further
Our Arco Lamp replica has more than 10 features you wouldn't find in other replicas!

  • Same Architectural specifications
  • Carrarra Marble Base
  • Beautiful Brushed Square Aluminum Arch
  • Chrome-Finished Foscarini Shade
  • 126 Holes in the Head For Stunning Lighting Effects on the roof
  • Same foot adjustable Light Dimmer (as the original)
  • 100 Watts capacity (as the original)
  • 1-5 year warranty

The Manhattan Home Design Arco floor marble Lamp, originally designed by Castiglioni is a must-have accessory that provides an excellent modern and sophisticated look.


Arch: approx 95" h x 78.6 " max reach Base: 21.2" h x 9.4" Shade: approx 11.5" diameter.

The Arco Lamp replica has a large marble counterpoint that provides a base for the lamp. This high quality reproduction Arco Lamp, is manufactured to almost the exact same specification as the original Castiglioni Arco Lamp.

Manhattan Home Design strongly recommends hiring an electrician if you have any difficulty assembling the Arco Floor lamp (we are not responsible for assembling the item).

The Manhattan Home Design Marble Arco Lamp provides directional and adjustable down lighting, utilizing a 60-100 Watt bulb. Its adjustable chrome shade and arm allow for both direct and indirect light.

Manhattan Home Design Achille Castiglioni Arco Lamp Specifications

Dimensions: Arch: Height 95" Base:21.5"H x 9.5"W Shade: 12" Diameter; Marble Base Weight aprox: 160lbs.

White Marble: In-stock, ships in 3-5 business days Black Marble: In-stock, ships in 3-5 business days

The Marble Arch Lamp provides directional and adjustable downlighting, it utilizes a 60-100 watt where the intensity can be adjusted using the floor dimmer(included). Its adjustable stainless-steel shade and arm allow for both direct and indirect light.

We strongly recommend to hire an electrician if you have any difficulty assembling the lamp (we're not responsible for assembling the item).

Italian Designer Achille Castiglioni Replica

Born in the early 20th century Milan, Achille Castiglioni came to be one of Italyís greatest structural architects. He had dedicated his life to industrial projects with his two projects and had worked on over 150 projects in his lifetime. His style is renowned as post WWI Italyís high-point industrial designs. Castiglioni is regarded as an artist with his works featured in museums worldwide including New Yorkís own Museum of Modern Art (MoMa).

The Arco floor lamp is one of his signature creations, pioneering the arch lamp craze in home and office furniture. Own the Arco floor lamp replica today to spruce up your indoor place with fabulous Italian art.

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