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“I believe Lounge Chair to be the highest quality and most true-to-the-original reproduction available. I’ve analyzed dimensions, angles, proportions, etc of many reproductions versus the original and MHD’s version mirrors the original exactly in all of these areas”

—Julie M, one of our 60,000 satisfied customers



We’ve been missing one of our very favorite television shows since its final episode aired back in October. What Not to Wear was once a weekly ritual and thank goodness for reruns. Yes, the transformation of the contestants was amazing to see, but we love applying all of Stacy and Clinton’s tips to our own fashion. One of our favorite tidbits from What Not to Wear is this… Color, Texture, Pattern and Shine add visual interest. Funny thing is this is applicable to so much more than fashion...

02/02/2015 LOUNGE CHAIRS

Once you have chosen these statement pieces, you will want to select some neutral colored items to fill in the rest of your room, so you don’t overdo it. Remember, you can always bring in more color with your finishing touches, using pillows, vases, and various accents...

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