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Lippa 36" Round Marble Dining Table

Tulip 36" Round Marble Dining Table

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Inspired by the original design of Eero Saarinen, our Tulip Table Replica continues the Saarinen resolution of ridding the world of the frequently ugly, confusing and unrestful chaos of legs under the table. The Tulip Table represented a turning point for mid-century modern design that changed the history of the style forever.

A true icon of modernism, the Tulip Table rests upon a heavy molded aluminum cast base. This sturdy and solid base is connected to the top through a threaded rod. Finally, the Tulip Table features a Marble top with transparent polyester coating and lacquered with a scratch and chip resistant finish. Each feature is carefully reproduced to stay true to the original specifications.

Our Tulip table is not only a faithful interpretation of the original design but its seamless organic silhouette and groundbreaking form. True to this principle, the Tulip Table requires minimal assembly. The Tulip Table represented an evolution from the classical and boring square table into a table that made a statement of progress and modernism. Incorporate that belief in your home and office with the Tulip Table.
  • Table Length: 35”
  • Table Width: 35”
  • Table Height: 30”
Eero Saarinen is one of those names that has become synonyms of mid-century modern design. Eero Saarinen was surrounded by design his whole life, design ran in his blood. Eero Saarinen was the son of famous designer Eliel Saarinen and textile artist Loja Saarinen. Continuously expanding the limits of what is possible in terms of material and style, Eero Saarinen developed the mid-century modern aesthetics to include forms that were round and inspired by nature. Saarinen’s work created forms never seen until then. Among his most famous furniture pieces are the Womb Chair and Ottoman, as well as the iconic Tulip Table.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

  • Very Sleek

    Posted by Fred Samson

    My girlfriend is a huge Saarinen enthusiast and design fan overall loves these curved tables. She convinced me to get one for our living room and I have to say that, for the money, I believe we made the best choice. Really impressed with the quality of the top finish, by the way. Very sleek.

  • Best Table

    Posted by Debora Castanheira

    This is my review for the 36 inches’ black finish table that I bought to go with my Tulip chairs from last year. The Saarinen table is truly a cultural icon that everyone should have on their home if they love great design. Shipping was good, the contents all came in a good package, very clean and neat.

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