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Connect your clients with beautiful designs for every room. From upgraded accents to entire remodels, we’re here to help. Make ManhattanHomeDesign your one-stop shop for all your furniture and decor needs.

  • Gain access to unique products
  • Request custom quotes
  • Coordinate shipments
  • Get advice & support from our knowledgeable team
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Ideal for Businesses, Hospitality, and Events


Bring your office, restaurant or event to life with inviting, inspiring decor. From lighting to that perfect chair, we’ve got you covered. You’ll wind up with a space that’s as unique as your business.

  • Discover products tailored to your project
  • Request custom quotes
  • Coordinate shipments
  • Consult our Stylists for personalized advice


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As a Trade or Business customer, you'll enjoy unique products and personalized service from our dedicated team. Contact us for help selecting products, tracking down specific styles, coordinating orders to meet your deadlines, and more.

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