The Eames Lounge Chair Replica

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Aug 11th 2017

The Eames lounge chair has been enduring the world of interior design for the past 60 years. This classic chair and the ottoman set never get old. It just gets better with age. The Eames lounge chair is an icon of the mid century modern designs and today it stands as the symbol of luxury and comfort. This chair can be seen as a prestigious part of designer homes and museum collection across the globe. Most of us are not aware of some of the less known interesting facts that this classic chair holds.

Consistent Design:

The design of this chair had remained consistent for the last 60 years. That’s the reason why even today you get replacement parts for the chair regardless of the age.

Museum collection:

The design of this lounge chair is placed in the permanent collection of over 20 museums across the United States and Europe.

National TV Introduction:

This chair gained so much admiration that it was introduced to the people on nation TV by Arlene Francis on her prime time TV show called Home Show. This is the only chair in the history of interior design to receive television platform introduction.

Premium quality leather:

Initially, the chair was offered in leather, and fabric makes. But after 10 years of production, the designers Charles and Ray Eames insisted on using the premium quality aucht leather from Scotland. This leather is unmarked and is of highly refined quality because the farmers in Scotland didn’t use barbed wires.

Interchangeable cushions:

Did you know that the cushions of the Eames lounge chair and the ottoman are interchangeable? If you didn’t already know, then try interchanging them.

Embarrassed Blaustein:

Charles Eames once invited Julian Blaustein a film producer to his office to read scripts sitting in the test lounge chair. After a while when Charles returned to the room, he saw Blaustein had fallen asleep. Blaustein was a little embarrassed to sleep in the chair but on the other hand, Charles was pleased with his creation.