Bertoia Bar stool


Bertoia stool designed by Harry Bertoia, bending metal rods into practical art, produced a revered collection of seating, including this environment-enhancing barstool. Innovative, comfortable and strikingly handsome, it's delicate filigree appearance...

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Bombo Plastic Bar Stool - Gino Barstool

$894.00 $196.00

The Bombo Plastic Bar Stool's sleek and comfortable designs is the most desired accessories for modern bars. adjustable height and turn makes it versatile. The Bombo Plastic Bar Stool high quality reproduction is manufactured to almost the exact same...

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Kihei Stool


Random yet harmonious, the Kihei's unique design yet functional shape can be used for seating or as a stand. 100% stainless steel.

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Lem Piston Stool

$894.00 $199.00

The LEM Piston Stool's sculptural leather, stainless steel or beech wood seat not only swivels but also adjusts easily from a counter height (26.5") to a bar height (31") with a lever that activates a gas cylinder. While utility strongly determines the...

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Reach Upholstered Ottoman


Supremely comfortable, exceptionally supportive, Reach is a lounge chair and ottoman series that has your every need covered. Sip your beverage of choice while conversing or reading in this immensely enjoyable series. Made with plush deep-seated fabric...

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Volt Storage Vinyl Ottoman


The square shape evokes feelings of security and reliance in this compact accent piece you can count on. The Volt ottoman stands ready as a footrest, while the lined storage compartment works great for both regular use, and for a swift run-through before...

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