Ceiling Lamps

Agate Ceiling Lamp Antique Black Gold

$1,590.00 $1,060.00

Operating on an ingenious synchronized pulley system, the Agate ceiling lamp moves up and down or side to side at a touch. The lamp comes with two 60w bulbs and is UL approved.

Ageostrophic Ceiling Lamp White

$1,554.00 $1,036.00

Hang the lovely elongated white orb of the Ageostrophic Ceiling Lamp over your dining table or a favorite reading chair. Curved metal spokes are covered in white silk. It will spread a warm white light through any space.

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Amethyst Ceiling Lamp

$1,410.00 $940.00

Classic triangular forms create the beautiful symmetry of the Amethyst ceiling lamp. Constructed of sturdy steel in an industrial finish with an aged patina. One 40w bulb included. The lamp is UL approved.

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Atmosphere Ceiling Lamp Black

$1,974.00 $1,316.00

Glowing warmly, the inside of the Atmosphere Ceiling Lamp is a subtle surprise. The black painted metal shade is lined with a raised floral print, lending an old-fashioned air to a modern shape. A lamp of yin and yang, it beautifully balances the...

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Bradyon Ceiling Lamp Chrome

$2,274.00 $1,516.00

With its striking contemporary design, the Bradyon Ceiling Lamp is gorgeous from any angle. Hangs from a curving wire. A spiky chandelier with a chrome finish, it's sure to attract attention.

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Caledonite Ceiling Lamp Natural

$1,314.00 $657.00

A twisting optical illusion. The Caledonite Ceiling Lamp is a study in contrasts. Twine-wrapped circles move in curving geometric symmetry around a two-pronged iron chandelier reminiscent of a Da Vinci sketch.

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Canary Ceiling Lamp Black

$3,690.00 $1,647.00

Inspired by a vintage birdcage, the Canary ceiling lamp juxtaposes rustic hand-wrought iron with a precision-cut faceted crystal lamp. Twelve 25w bulbs are included. The lamp is UL approved.

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Celestine Ceiling Lamp Natural

$2,394.00 $1,197.00

The Celestine Ceiling Lamp boasts an iron chandelier softened by twisting twine. Please note: the dangling ball of string will tempt any cats in the vicinity. You've been warned.

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Climate Ceiling Lamp White

$2,394.00 $1,596.00

A waterfall of pale bells lend a fairytale atmosphere to the Cascade Ceiling Lamp. Made of painted white metal pricked with holes and patterns to let the light shine through. Lovely in a nursery or a crafts room.

Copernicus Ceiling Lamp Black

$774.00 $516.00

The Copernicus Ceiling Lamp has the power of a mini bonfire. It's an entrancing whirling vortex of light-gilded black metal. This cylinder will cast a gentle glow over any room.

Coriolis Ceiling Lamp White

$1,494.00 $996.00

Hangs like the moon over the dining room table. White silk wraps around a curved wire frame to form the Coriolis Ceiling Lamp. Adds a subtle elegance to the upper real estate of any room.

Cyclone Ceiling Lamp Clear

$774.00 $516.00

Like the curves of a sea anemone, clear acrylic twists around the bulb of the Cyclone Ceiling Lamp. It has a wintry effect, yet the bulb still casts warmth over the room. A neutral accent that suits any decor.