Accent Chairs

Elio Dining Chair

$774.00 $516.00

The Elio Dining chair in gold is a outstanding addition to The acclaimed design. Whether you are outfitting an entire table or event; or simply accenting a small part of yThe project this gold chair will definitely leave a lasting impression.

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Modern Tweed Accent Chair


Repose in a chair that constantly forms and reforms new definitions of reality. Let tensions fade away as you embrace the ability to initiate and innovate. Four wooden legs support the diagonal look of the Tweed Accent Chair, where fresh ideas are spun...

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Rave Dining Chair Line Pattern & Brown

$594.00 $396.00

For a fun seat that gives a light hug when you sit, try the Rave Chair. Gives any room a retro flavor. It is another great piece of design. Update your dining and decor with this fun and modern design. Fabric to seat is soft espresso with contrasting...

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Shape chair

$430.00 $215.00

Shape chair The S Shape Chair is both a trendy and durable asset in any consumers home. The smooth S shape forms through long stylistic lines. The constant flow makes this S Shape Chair appealing to the eye and appealing to the body. There is no flaw in...

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Slither Acrylic Kids Chair


Einstein may have shown that space was curved, but this chair gave tangible expression to the idea. Now over forty years since the Slither chair was first molded, budding scientists can rediscover the cosmos with this clean and durable playroom chair!...

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Slither Novelty Chair 1


"The chair is a mini collectors edition. Great for displays, ethereal appearance, this versatile chair is a cute mini collectors item. Set Includes: One - Mini Panton Chair"

Swerve Rocking Chair


Turn the tide on boring furnishings with the Swerve rocking chair. Designed for those who appreciate fluid spacial elements, Swerve delivers both a sense of continuity and movement in this immensely ambitious piece. Fashioned from molded plastic and...

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Tubby Ottoman

$534.00 $356.00

Tubby beige ottoman leads the fun with extra seating. Fully upholstered with a felt like poly-blend fabric in either orange, grey or beige. Each ottoman is accented by chic nautical style rope trim that cinches the middle creating a hourglass shape. Add...

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