Psychological Effects Of Color On Home Decor

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Mar 30th 2017

Can you feel the warmth of the bright sun? Does the air around you have a feel of Spring to it? Even just at the onset, it is difficult to ignore the burst of colors around us! Who doesn't love nice bright colours that pop out against a dull or monochromatic background? But did you know the color you pick can affect your mood and actions? No wonder colour is such an important element in design! To think of it, we cannot imagine life without color. CANNOT!

Below is a short list of colors alongside their psychological effects that could help you in deciding the colour to choose when designing your home:

1. Blue

Blue is ideal for bathrooms or bedrooms, distinctively when used with white. If you intend to create a tranquil corner in your home, blue is the perfect colour for the upholstery. See what we mean?

A quick fun fact: It has been scientifically proven that, the color blue lowers blood pressure.

2. Red

While blue is known to calm you, red is that colour which energizes you! Capable of increasing heart rate too! Since this color is so bright, it is very important to maintain the right tonality of red. Too much of it could make you restless too! Maybe a red bold sofa is what you need?

Pro tip: It may be wise (maybe, not?) to use red in the kitchen. It is known to increase appetite!

3. Orange

Had to closely follow behind red! Orange is like the calmer sibling of the two. Since orange is often correlated to hospitality and it would ideal to have the pop of color in your living room or dining room. Too much orange could hurt the eye or cause distractions. So maybe a nice cabinet on one side of the room?

4. Yellow

A key factor to keep in mind when your preference is towards yellow, is the tinge. While pale yellow may provide you with the warmth you need, bright and zesty yellow is exhilarating. However, all shades of yellow emit optimism and positivity. A gorgeous looking bright yellow sofa in your living room then?

5. Green

I’m sure the first thing you associate with the color green is nature. The color green illustrates hope and creates an atmosphere of calmness. Splashes of green work well in living rooms, bedrooms and offices. In fact, Pantone’s color of the year for 2017, is Greenery