Hans J Wegner: The Master Of The Chair!

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Feb 28th 2017

Reputed as the forefather of Danish mid century furniture, Hans J Wegner had a major role to play in changing the general public's view of furniture in the 1950s and 1960s. Titled aptly, “Master of the Chair”, Hans J Wegner has designed more than 500 chairs in his lifetime. Wegner is largely known for integrating perfectly executed joints with exquisite shapes and combining them with a constant curiosity for materials.


Born as Hans Jorgen Wegner in 1914 in Tonder in Denmark, he is the son of a shoemaker. By the age of 17, Wegner completed his novitiate as a cabinet maker while working with H. F. Stahlberg. This was the inception of a master designer. Post which, wegner moved to Copenhagen as a student of the School of Arts and Crafts, where he pursued architecture between 1936 -1938.

Early work

Before opening his own office in 1943, Hans J Wegner worked for designers, Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller from 1940 - 1942. Soon after establishing his own designing office, Wegner designed the first China Chair in a series inspired by Chinese chairs from the Ming dynasty. One of these chairs, the Wishbone Chair, went on to become Wegner's most successful design of all time.

It is around the same time (in 1950) that Wegner designed the Flag Halyard Chair. It is believed that through the Flag Halyard chair, Wegner paid tribute to Mid - Century Modern enthusiasts like Le Corbusier, Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, etc.

Flag Halyard Chair: The Story

Hans J. Wegner had the idea for this unique chair on a hot summer afternoon while watching his kids play at the beach. Intended to design a chair for himself that would help him during the holidays, Wegner ended up designing the Flag Halyard Chair - a modern icon.

Having known his deep respect for wood and all of its characteristics, the creation of the Flag halyard Chair was considered to be infidelity on his behalf. Built on a stainless steel frame, the flat surfaces are made using a long, single halyard flag which is then covered with a longhaired sheepskin to cover the hard surface of the chair and help you experience the luxury you deserve.
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Laurels and Accolades

Hans J Wegner’s work is displayed in many a renowned museums of the world. Considered one of the most creative and productive Danish furniture designers of all time, Wegner has received several accolades including the esteemed Lunning Prize in 1951 and The 8th International Design Award in 1997. Along with being established as an honorary member of the Royal Danish Academy for the Fine Arts in 1995, Wegner had also received an honorary doctor of the Royal College of Art in 1997.

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