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LC5 Sofa Daybed Replica: Bauhaus Daybed

LC5 Sofa Daybed Replica: Bauhaus Daybed

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LC5 Sofa Daybed Replica: A Bauhaus Sofa Daybed

Flaunt your midcentury design savviness with the LC5 sofa daybed replica, also known as the Bauhaus Sofa Daybed, as it is a defining piece of furniture of the Bauhaus movement. The Bauhaus movement, which originated from the eponymous school in Germany, quickly rose to prominence in Europe and the United States in the midcentury. Spawning beautiful and functional furniture, the Bauhaus movement is still respected today as one of the forerunners of the midcentury modern aesthetic. Following the traits of Bauhaus furniture, the LC5 sofa daybed replica is simple and functional in form, and is mass-produced with an individualized artistry. This LeCorbusier-inspired sofa daybed features an external steel wrap-around frame and is covered in genuine leather. Upholstered in genuine leather on the seating area, the Bauhaus daybed has faux leather sides and back. The Bauhaus sofa daybed is supported by a durable steel frame that wraps around the back of the daybed. A fabulous pairing with the LC5 sofa daybed replica is the Bauhaus Chair and the Bauhaus Sofa. Combine all three pieces for the ultimate assortment.

Behind the LC5 Sofa Daybed Replica: Designer Le Corbusier

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, professionally known as Le Corbusier, was a French-Swiss designer and architect who had brought the modernist movement to the forefront in art and architecture. His career consisted of designing buildings, monuments, courts and furniture as you’ll find with the Le Corbusier sofa. He also had a knack for painting, giving him an artistic eye and penchant for aesthetics and functionality. He had also participated and highly influenced urban planning, having created cell-like apartments for the overpopulated French lower and middle class. He called these areas which also included skyscrapers and office buildings Villas. He began taking on furniture design in the late ‘20s with a line stylized By LC + a number. The LC5 is his sofa bed.

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