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Kids Space Chair

Kids ball Chair

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Inspired by the unconventional and modern design of Eero Aarnio, this reproduction by Manhattan Home Design is made from fiberglass and upholstered with high-quality fabrics, just like the original. Give your home or office a quirky, innovative tone with this emblematic chair. A design that not only has been considered a classic of industrial design but provides for a unique sensation of calm, even in the middle of the day-to-day turmoil.

Feel like a rock star or a supervillain each time you take a seat on one of the most famous pieces of Finish designs, a chair that has starred in several movies like “The Prisoner” or “Marks Attack!” as well as museums, music videos, and famous magazine covers. Its particular design offers a completely different experience: it sets you apart and allows you to relax after a hard’s day night while keeping all the noise and fuss of the world out.


    • Inspired by the original design of Eero Aarnio.
    • Made for Children.
    • Semi-sphere frame and base made from strong and durable fiberglass.
    • Interior with back and seat cushion upholstered in high-quality fabric.
    • Steel reinforced fiberglass shell surrounding the outer opening.


    • Overall Dimensions: 40.2"H x 31.5"W x 26.8"D
    • Product Weight: 55lbs
    • Shipping Dimensions: 34.6"x34.6"x26.8"
    • Shipping Weight: 60lbs
    • Weight Capacity: 250 lb.

About the Designer

Eero Aarnio is a Finnish interior designer from the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki, famous for his innovative and unconventional mid-century furniture designs, such as his plastic and fiberglass chairs. Eero Aarnio's designs were essential items pieces of the 60s pop culture, and several of his pieces can often be seen as part of sets in science-fiction films from the era.

To this day, his iconic pieces are often used to symbolize the 1960s period in several TV shows and movies. With very simple geometric forms, his designs are ideal for such productions. Today, tireless Eero Aarnio continues to create new designs, including toys and furniture for children.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

  • Perfect choice!

    Posted by Robert Johnston

    This is a very well built and nice chair, well made, high quality and a great reproduction, especially for the money you pay!

  • cool!

    Posted by Denise Williams

    This chair is gorgeous! I love it so much I bought two of them! It feels like you’re sitting inside a speaker! It looks sooo cool, it’s also very solid, comfortable and spacious.

  • Comfortable

    Posted by Elizabeth Lozano

    Thank you very much for your service, I enjoyed the product very much.

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