Do You Call Your Superhero Daddy Too?

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Jun 13th 2017

Not all superheroes wear smoothened out capes. Neither do they fly like aeroplanes, nor do they paint the town red in their sophisticated black mean machines. And, they most certainly do not weave webs in the backstreet of your home. Like c’mon!

But you know, I find this to be quite ironical. We stand outside those theatres and cineplexes for hours together to get a ticket to watch these “super heroes”, the ones with those extraordinary abilities. What we forget is that behind those masks, outfits and uniforms is that they are all heroes definitely, but human.

All of us, have our own kind of heroes. These heroes don’t wear capes. Neither do they crawl on walls not do they fly like bats in the dark of the night. We just name them differently. We call them “Dads”.

They have a day of their own, a day they deserve to celebrate them. Father's Day is to honor these superheroes. And to mark this dextrous occasion, we thought why not round up a list of presents for him.

From you, to him.

Classic Lounge Chair & Ottoman

A classic piece of Mid Century Modern design, the Classic Lounge Chair & Ottoman by Manhattan Home Design is an absolute reproduction of the Eames Lounge Chair. True to its original design, the Eames Lounge Chair replica, will not only enhance your copious home, but also augment the contentment and comfort a chair like this one demands. Cushioned in premium Italian leather, the Eames Lounge Chair replica, like the original, has removable cushions and is fitted with silicone mounts for shock absorption allowing for paramount flexibility.

After all, why settle for anything less for him? Get him the best, because that's what Dads deserve.

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Barcelona Chair replica

No image can do just to the supreme luxury emitted by the Barcelona Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design. A flawless replica of the original, the Barcelona Chair replica, also known as the Exposition chair is fitted with individual hand - cut leather panels and the seat is designed to adapt to the curve of the frame. Also implemented on the Barcelona Chair replica are high grade leather saddle straps to hold the cushion in place. Originally designed for royalty during an exposition in 1929, the Barcelona Chair replica is also available is several colors to ensure it matches with the rest of the decor at home.

In our opinion, Fathers are royalty. Give him the royal treatment he is worthy of.

Eames Office Chair replica

We’re aware of the role age plays when we get old. We’ve seen it with our grandparents and our parents. So, we thought why not include in this list, a chair that is perfect for your old man! The Eames Office Chair replica is a close imitation of the original’s Executive chair collection, with ribbed back et al. it is to be noted that since the chair is built is on an aluminium frame, it is durable but also lightweight enabling easy movement. With a seat height adjustment feature enabled, one can easily alter the chair to meet their needs.

Whether to go over bills or work in his home office, Eames Office Chair replica justifies Dad’s comfort.

Flag Halyard Chair

This one is for those heroes who love to read! If your Dad is a bookworm, this is the perfect chair for him! Built on a stainless steel frame, the Flag Halyard chair was conceptualised by Hans Wegner while enjoying a day off at the beach. The Flag Halyard chair by Manhattan Home Design assures you of the relaxation it will provide along with an alluring appearance. With a one-off flag line developed for the chair and long - haired sheepskin, the Flag Halyard Chair is remarkably serene.

Help him enjoy his time off in the lap of luxury by gifting him the Flag Halyard Chair.

Though they live ordinary lives with ordinary names, they will always be our extraordinary heroes.

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