Design Inspiration - Room 8

Design Inspiration - Room 8

Couches are a living room’s best friends, it would seem, as they are its most common furniture. To decorate a living room or den, however, you don’t need to invest a lot of money and space on couches. There are great non-couch furniture pieces that are both aesthetic and pragmatic. This living room creates a rectangular effect with the furniture alone (there is also a prominent shelving area which accentuates this effect). The relatively small couch is peppered with blue and white pillows, matching the main colors of the room. The two Barcelona chair replicas in white are suitable couch and loveseat alternatives. With its impressive, heavily cushioned body, the Barcelona chair fills both the aesthetic void of a cushioned couch or loveseat, as well as the functional one.

Besides soft seating, this living room makes good use of space with various seating options. There are three Eames style Plywood Chip chairs, also known as molded plywood chairs. These side chairs a great edition to empty areas, but in this room, they are important design players, adding a tinge of the wooden look and feel. They also bring a contrast to the softness of the Barcelona chairs and the couch. However, despite their lack of padding, the Plywood Chip chairs are not in want of comfort. They were designed to be comfortable with the wood alone.

Another workable, albeit unusual seating option comes from the two white Barcelona ottomans, which are not positioned in front of any chair or the couch. They stand on their own and although one is topped with a book, as ottomans are known for facilitating stacking; their positioning makes them additional seaters. The Barcelona ottomans adhere to the same Barcelona design, tufted leather upholstered in squares with two stainless steel legs, shaped the same as the Barcelona chair’s. The cushion of the ottoman lies flat, as opposed to the Barcelona chair, which has a tilted seat, which creates a subtle change in the aesthetic.

The centered Barcelona- like table is the standard coffee table, except it is made of glass, adding a translucent luster to the room. The rug lays down the main color scheme of blue and white, though with the other colors and textures present in this room, it is not overbearing. Last but certainly not least, the Arco lamp adds more midcentury flair, facing the side of the couch. It can also be turned to face the coffee table, but that is up to your preference.

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