Design Inspiration - Room 6

Design Inspiration - Room 6

When setting up the configuration of furniture, people often hassle themselves in attempting to match the items in one room. This often results in shopping hunts for sets that are made up of similarly-designed pieces, so as to have them sit appropriately when placed together in one area. The great thing about modern, mid-century furniture, however, is that buyers needn’t concern themselves with the compatibility of the furniture in one room or space and this living room is a prime example.

Composed of varying furniture in both design and scope, this modern living room is an amalgamation worth imitating. The three main pieces: the Eames Lounge Chair replica by the fireplace, the centered loft sofa and the two Barcelona chair replicas are very different in their shape and size, yet there is no disharmony. The Noguchi Tribeca Coffee table reproduction sits in the core of the room, without leaning closer to the loft sofa or any chair. This set up alone, although rather small is already a gateway towards room completion. But there’s so much more!

The arched floor lamp, known as the Arco lamp replica hangs angelically over the Noguchi table, seemingly suspended out of nowhere. That’s because our Arco lamp reproduction is composed of a long, tapered arch that spans across up to 80 inches. These main pieces certainly demand your attention, but there is some much more furnishing gracing this room. Propped right below the television is a TV stand decorated with ceramic containers and a bowl, two accessories we carry to add that extra flavor some rooms simply call for. To the left of the fireplace stand the credenza, or sideboard, commonly found in dining rooms, but an excellent addition to this room, as a nod-off to the TV stand.

It is styled with a globe and a large piece of wall art hung atop. Notice how its color scheme is bluish, matching with the pillows on the loft sofa, the globe and the slight shade emanating from the Noguchi table replica. With several color coordinated pieces and a combination of various midcentury furniture, every room can look this dapper. Design your dream room today, without the fear of mismatching or at-odds furniture.

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