The Expressionist Designs Of Achille Castiglioni

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Dec 22nd 2015

This Italian designer, Achille Castiglioni specialized in creating designs using minimal amount of raw materials. He used everyday materials in creating furniture and many products of the industrial design. This innovative use of ordinary materials for creating furniture and many objects was his specialty. These designers were brother duo who recreated designs in furniture and objects with the most innovative and usable restructuring of designs. Every object that they created was restructured from the existing design of commonly used objects.


If you are looking at buying a furniture design that is innovative and made from ordinary material in innovative shape, you must search for Achille Castiglioni designs online. Right from chairs, sofas, room dividers, many other essential furniture were designed by this brother duo. These designs are still used and sold on many online and offline stores. When you visit online stores selling these designs, you will find the complete product description and also pictures of the design that you can zoom and view and make an informed decision.

Abstract designs

If you are looking at artistic and abstract furniture designs, then Achille Castiglioni designs is something that you should be looking out for. If you have a creative studio, or a creative firm, this is the kind of furniture that you could go with. Making your creative firm bring out its true essence through the Achille Castiglioni furniture designs can make your work space look unique and different from the rest.

Design inspiration

First the abstract models are constructed then the material is constructed into the most uncommon shapes. The space occupied by the designs of this designer is meant to be minimal. If you want to buy something that creates a lot of space and also looks offbeat, these are the designs to go for. Everyday objects and throw away materials are used to created many usable objects and furniture.


Many museums in Italy and New York display the duo brother’s design. They have recycled many materials into usable equipments and furniture. If you thought recycling of objects into usable materials are something that is created in this century, you are dead wrong! It is been existing since a decade. They brothers duo have also created cutlery design that was based on the design philosophy of abstraction that defined all the design elements of the over formalist structures.