Your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Singles Day Out!

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Feb 13th 2017

When you’re in a relationship or when you’re committed, this would be your time to shine! Dates, chocolates, home accessories, furniture, etc. But what if you’re single? Legitimately not the best time! But once you’ve decided you love yourself the most and it is absolutely acceptable to invest on yourselves, then there is no better day than Valentine’s Day to dwell in that feeling!

We’ve rounded up a list of items that you could plough back into this Valentines! After all, it's the month of love! Here is your gift guide. Go on, feel ethereal!

1. Noguchi Table Replica

While striking a perfect pose and maintaining balance, the Noguchi Table Replica by Manhattan Home Design is an acclaimed piece of furniture from Mid - Century Modern Design era.

With a rounded triangular top made of glass, the Noguchi Table reproduction by Manhattan Home Design is based on a robust wood structure. Asymmetrical in shape, the legs of the Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table replica, in harmony with the top, can accommodate anything you please - office supplies, plants or magazines!

Imagine this gorgeous centerpiece in your home?

2. Atom Table Lamp

With the uncommon appearance of an atom, the Vintage Modern Atom Table Lamp by Manhattan Home Design is very appealing to the eye. Comprising of steel and six 25 watt bulbs, the Atom Table Lamp emcompasses a room with a glow, so new.

Not only is this suitable for a study table, but owing to its design, the Atom Table Lamp would befit a corner table too!

3. Office Chairs

Offering a variety of Office Chairs, Manhattan Homes Design is a pioneer in the segment. The choice of an office chairs should be personal! Available in four variants - Eames Soft Pad Executive Office Chair Replica, Eames Management Chair Replica, Eames Executive Chair Replica and the Eames Soft Pad Management Office Chair Replica.

    a. Eames Soft Pad Executive Office Chair Replica

An absolute imitation of the original, the Eames Soft Padded Executive Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design is a classic. Not only does it look great in office spaces, but also home offices.

    b. Eames Management Chair Replica

The Eames Management Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design, is a must have! Ornamenting any space that it is put in the Management Chair is pivoted on an aluminium body. The aluminium body of the Management Chair is durable yet light for easy movement. Designed artistically, the chair takes the shape of your body making sure there is utmost satisfaction.

    c. Eames Executive Chair Replica

Perfect pricing, black leather, ribbed design and high back are a few striking features of the advantages of the Eames Executive Chair Replica. The chair is made from the best quality top grain Italian leather. The Eames Executive Chair Replicas by Manhattan Home Design are available in two colors, black and white, letting you pick what you want based on your office decor.

    d. Eames Soft Pad Management Office Chair Replica

Equipped with accessible alterations, the Eames Soft Padded Management Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design can be easily assembled with no help of tools. With its easy-to-use seat height adjustment and tilt lock feature, the Eames Soft Padded Management Chair Replica, you could adjust the chair to sync with your work desk. Added to that, is the swivel feature in the Eames Soft Padded Management Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design for easy entry and exit.

4. Barcelona Daybed Replica

With its everlasting design and efficiency, the Barcelona Daybed Replica by Manhattan Home Design is one of the hot favorites from the lot. A classic Mid-Century Modernism item, the Barcelona Leather Daybed Replica is an owner's delight!

Built on a steel frame and wrapped in genuine leather, the best Barcelona Daybed Reproduction is found at Manhattan Home Design. Accompanying this minimalist beauty, is a cylindrical cushion that that provides you with the elevation you need.