What You’re Getting From The Manhattan Home Design Noguchi Table Replica

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Feb 8th 2016

The Isamu Noguchi Table replica, also called the TriBeCa table, or the Noguchi table replica is not merely another coffee table. It is one of the highest points in design to have emerged from the midcentury modern movement in arts and architecture. There are few low-standing tables that carry as much importance and recognition as does the Noguchi Table. Delving into the properties of this glass coffee table, we will clearly illustrate that this table is an absolute must and the modern living room or den will appear lacking without it.

The Natural Look and simplicity in Form:

American designer Isamu Noguchi sought to create a table for everyday use, one that needn’t ornamentation or filly features. His vision was in accordance with the Bauhaus movement, which emphasized creativity by way of simplicity. This table achieves this in that it is stripped down to three basic table elements: two wooden legs and a glass top. The wood is unpainted, allowing its natural aesthetic to take center stage. A translucent glass top accentuates the wooden legs and their natural beauty. It does this without looking bare, as the top, when places by a window or a source of light (think Arco lamp), gives off a slightly bluish-green shimmer.

Strength and Durability:

A long-lasting coffee table needs endurance and strength and the Manhattan Home Design Noguchi Table replica boasts of just that. Design with ¾” thickness, the glass table top is ideal for stacking books, vases and other accessories or simply for its classic function, to hold beverages. This table comes 100% assembled for your convenience, with no added fee. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the stability of the top with the legs or how sturdy it is.

Triangular Harmony:

The Manahattan Home Design Noguchi Table replica is created with Noguchi’s exact details in place. The top is triangular, yet rounded; this effect is infused in perfect harmony due to the beveled edges. Although containing only two legs, the Noguchi table replica masters the look of a tripod. With irregularly-shaped legs that join by opposite sides, the wider side of one appended with the thinner end of the other, the table creates a harmonic build. To give your space a triangular effect, the Noguchi table replica has a construction that easily does the trick.