What Furniture Works Well With The Eames Lounge Chair Replica

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Feb 8th 2016

The Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman replica, in all its glory, is a dashing edition to any indoor space, especially as an add-on to season a room with a mid-century vibe. It is arguably the most popular piece of furniture having sprung from the mid-20th century modernist movement. As with any furnishing, however, there are some pieces that sit better with the lounge chair than others. Below is a collection of furniture that accentuates the aesthetic of the lounge chair & ottoman, as well as providing a comforting environment to be within its reach.

Nightstands or Side Tables:

As with any chair, especially a chair with the purpose of lounging, no piece of furniture is best placed near the Eames lounge chair replica than a nightstand. Nightstands usually have at least one drawer to store your stuff and their small height is perfect for sitting with a drink or book in hand. With a nightstand nearby, it’s easy to place your small items, like remote controls, keys, etc. An alternative to the nightstand is a side table, of which we have several in stock. The nightstand is usually placed in bedrooms, showing that the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman replica belongs in the bedroom as well. Side tables provide the same convenience of the nightstand without clashing with the lounge chair.

Lc4/Chaise Lounges:

The Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is undoubtedly shaped in a unique way. Setting it in the corner of a room is a great way to give that area some attention. The lounge chair and ottoman surely sits nicely with another such chair, however, you needn’t buy two for one room. Another piece of furniture to include with the Eames Lounge Chair replica is the LC4 replica, inspired by modernist designer Le Corbusier . The LC4, also known as a type of chaise lounge, is shaped as a zig-zagging swirl, with a crescent metallic piece as a support. This chair is available in leather, so it already matches the Eames Lounge Chair’s aesthetic. These two pieces complement each other’s idiosyncrasy and clear allusion to the modernist movement, perfect for any living room.

Loft Sofa:

The loft sofa is a three-seater couch that provides an ideal counterpart to the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman replica. Chairs as grandiose as the lounge chair are great accessories to couches. The loft sofa is not a big couch; it is rather slender and thus won’t take away the splendor of the lounge chair & ottoman. It is available in wool and leather, both great choices to mix and match with the chair. The lounge chair and ottoman make a savvy arrangement when paired with other smaller furniture, like loveseats and smaller couches like the loft sofa. You can ad 3-6 of them in a room, with making it look congested.

The Artichoke Lamp Reproduction:

The Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman replica is a look-at-me piece of furniture that begs for lighting to being on par with it. Style your indoor space with lighting that’s as mesmerizing as the chair and ottoman. While adding an arch floor lamp is always a good idea, a hanging light fixture also brings some attention to the upper part of the room. The artichoke lamp replica is a perfect hanging light that boasts the same look-at-me aesthetic with its elaborate shape and multi-layers. Thus, when your space is bright enough with only natural lights, the Artichoke replica makes for a nice accessory to the room, but it looks splendid lit up as well, so either way, it’s a win-win for your home.

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