THE PERFECT PRESSIES FOR HIM: Gift Guide For Valentine's Day

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Feb 9th 2017

It is often not easy selecting a gift for HIM. We usually run helter skelter at the last minute. Because what do you buy boys after all?

This Valentine's Day, have you considered investing in some splendid furniture? We, at Manhattan Home Design have come up with an unique gift guide for you. And believe you me, if you want to spell promise in a subtle manner, this is it!

Gifts for HIM

1. Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman Replica

Nothing spells class like the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Replica by Manhattan Home Design. Inspired by Billy Wilder’s makeshift loungers on the sets of his film, designers Charles and Ray Eames conceived the idea of creating a comfortable and rest worthy lounge chair.
The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Replica by Manhattan Home Design, is a close imitation of the original. Manhattan Home Design has paid attention to the finest of details like 15 ° angle inclination, shock mounts for enhanced pleasure and removable cushions for the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman reproduction.

2. Barcelona Chair Replica

A classic representation of Mid Century Modern Furniture, the Barcelona Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design is also called the Exposition Chair Replica owing to its formulation for the International Exposition in Spain.
This Pavilion Chair copy by Manhattan Home Design is upholstered in premium Italian leather and is available in shades of black, tan or white. A Mies van der Rohes chair replica, this leathered beauty is a impeccable amalgamation of style and coziness.

3. Arco Floor Lamp Replica

The master work of Achille Castiglioni, Arco Floor Lamp is timeless. With a footing of Cararra Marble stone, the Arco Floor Lamp Replica by Manhattan Home Design comes, similar to the original, comes with three adjusting points in the stem, 45 ° angle chiseled off the marble to avoid injury and a tunnel in the marble to help you lift it.
In addition, the Arco Floor Lamp Replica by Manhattan Home Design is embedded with a tunable dimmer and soft white reflective hood interior for efficient light reflection. Alongside, the best arco floor lamp reproduction is equipped with 126 pores atop the dome that spawn intricate designs.

4. LC5 Sofa Daybed Replica

The LC5 sofa daybed replica also known as the Bauhaus Sofa Daybed or the Le Corbusier Daybed. An iconic piece of the Bauhaus movement, Le Corbusier Sofa Replica by Manhattan Home Design being simple yet functional has created a mark for itself.
Featuring an external steel wrap frame, the Le Corbusier LC5 Sofa Bed is cushioned in genuine leather on the seat and is upholstered with faux pas leather on back and sides. With a sponge foam padding, the convertible LC5 Le Corbusier by Manhattan Home Design is the perfect buy for HIS pad!

5. Angelo Sectional

An original Alphaville Design product, the Angelo Chocolate Leather Sectional Sofa with Chaise is reversible and adapts to any surroundings. This big, bold and beautiful luxury, is designed to create a contrast between the leathered body to the metallic frame.
Draped in extra thick full grain Italian leather, the Angelo Leather Sectional Sofa rests on a solid substructure. Available in black and cream colors, the Angelo Sectional Sofa is for anyone who loves the couch!

6. Spartan Bar Table

Available in Antique Black, the Spartan Bar Table has a lean frame. However, don’t go on the looks! This is one sturdy table! Polished with a matte black finish, the Spartan Bar Table by Manhattan Home Design is a design inspiration in Mid Century Modern Furniture.
Equipped with being accommodative, the Spartan Bar Table can be adjusted to a desired height by simply spinning the top of teh table. How cool is that, now?