Suave Looking Le Corbusier Sofas Available Online

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Dec 22nd 2015

Le Corbusier was a designer from Switzerland and till date even in this age of technological advance, his furniture designs are still used. He created urban furniture that is functional and futuristic and still used even in the 21th century. His urban designs in furniture are a legacy and are still manufactured by many furniture brands and sold online. Especially, the sofas are a massive hit and used by many modern day offices and corporate.

Sofas and armchair

The Le Corbusier LC3 and LC5 models are a legacy. They are sold online and offline and are a rage. They fit into any business structure like a fiddle and give a sophisticated and a suave look. This Le Corbusier sofa that is a two seater, armchair, or a three seater sofa, comes supported with a steel frame and many solid colors of brown, black, grey, ivory, and most of the black and brown shades. Leather is the most preferred material and used for creating the Le Corbusier sofa. Le Corbusier was a French- Swiss painter, designer, urban planner, architect, who has urbanism in most of his designs. Most of his designs were blends of utilitarian and romantic design elements clubbed together.

Urban designs

All of the Le Corbusier designs are made with urban elements and the structure is made minimalistic without getting into a lot of design details. These furniture designs are structured and use straight forward design elements without getting into the abstract design parts. Though, they are modern and urban, the material to build to cushion in seats of this sofa is foam. Most of the sofas designed by this designer are box shaped and have very high aesthetic sense of style and make.


These sofas have a nylon hemming finish and are stitched in top grain design elements. The leather that is used to cover these sofas is dyed leather and comes only in solid colors and shades of black, brown, and grey. Popular painter Salvador Dali had great admiration for Le Corbusier’s designs. He never related to the art movements and design philosophies related to cubism and created an art movement called Purism that reestablished the principles of regular and solid structures. He used the same philosophy in creating all the designs in buildings and furniture. Le Corbusier designs are so practical that they are still manufactured even after two centuries.