GIFT HER A HAVEN IN HER HEAVEN: Gift Guide For Valentine's Day

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Feb 10th 2017

A lot of you may argue that it’s not about the gifts but it's the thought that counts. But, a little something has never hurt anyone! And, if it is for HER, even more so!

After all, when you escalate to buying furniture and things for the house, nothing screams commitment more! If that is what you want, to keep her happy, then here is the perfect gift guide for you this Valentine’s Day!

Gifts for HER

1. Womb Chair & Ottoman Replica

Originally designed by Eero Saarinen, the Womb Chair & Ottoman Replica by Manhattan Home Design has progressed and is till date considered to be a premier portrayal of Mid-Century Modernism. This Womb Chair reproduction, with aptly placed cushions, will soothe HER by giving her the comfort she deserves.

Available in wool mix fabric with a stainless steel frame, Manhattan Home Design’s womb chair dimensions are imitated exactly from the Eero Saarinen chair.

Pro Tip: This is THAT chair you’ve been looking for! Comfort, style and color. No woman will ever say no to this!

2. Flag Halyard Chair Replica

Idea of the Flag Halyard Chair was conceived on a hot summer afternoon by Hans Wegner, while watching the kids play on the beach. A reproduction of the original, the Flag Halyard Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design is the ultimate affordable extravagance.

Framed upon a stainless steel structure, the Flag Halyard Chair reproduction by Manhattan Home Design is made with a specially designed flag line which is accompanied with long - haired sheepskin. For added relaxation, the Wegner Flag Halyard Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design comes with a neck cushion upholstered in leather.

Pro tip: With the frame of the Hans Wegner Rope Chair reproduction available in several different combinations and the sheepskin, she wouldn’t ask for more!

3. Tulip Table Replica

Nothing reeks of sophistication more than the Tulip Table Replica by Manhattan Home Design. Originally, as a component of the Mad Men Collection, the Tulip Dining Table replica by Manhattan Home Design was designed to derive elegance and utility concurrently. This oval Tulip Table replica also known as the Lippa marble dining table.

The lacquered top of this Oval Tulip Table reproduction, rests on a magnificent yet tough stem, which is in the shape of a tulip. Owing to its dwindled base, the Tulip Style Dining Table by Manhattan Home Design does not quiver and can take in up to ten persons.

Pro Tip: With such an unique composition, the Marble Tulip Table Replica by Manhattan Home Design can hold up as a coffee table or dinner table. ANd believe you me, she will love anything that has multiple usage.

4. Hanging Egg

Although designed over 40 years ago, the Fiberglass Hanging Egg Chair through its avant garde form, is a beloved amongst people. The best price Hanging Egg Chair by Manhattan Home Design gives you the feel of a ‘room within a room’ - your haven in your heaven.

Alongside an offbeat design, the Egg Pod Chair promises to caresses HER with soft cushions and the choicest of fabrics. Made of fiberglass, the Hanging Egg Chair by Manhattan Home Design is solid swaddle!

Pro Tip: An ideal chair to be placed indoors or outdoors, the Hanging Egg Chair by Manhattan Home Design brings with it versatility, a trait SHE would definitely love!

5. Eames La Chaise Replica

This gorgeous Charles Eames La Chaise Replica by Manhattan Home Design is not only unprecedented in design but it is also unreal in the poise it brings with it. The unique shape of the Eames Style La Chaise by Manhattan Home Design makes it a must have piece of furniture.

The La Chaise lounge chair by Manhattan Home Design is contrived using fibreglass and has a four legged wooden base which is implanted with four metal legs with a chrome finish. With the sides artistically designed to double up as armrests, this Eames La Chaise Reproduction by Manhattan Home Design also has a provision for ample airflow when someone sits on it.

Pro Tip: Apart from giving making her feel relaxed, the novel shape of the chair can easily pass off as art too! We’re sure it's an ideal gift for HER!

6. Empress Loveseat

A total stunner, this one! The Empress Loveseat by Manhattan Home Design has the ability to annex depth into a given space. With superiority in comfort, style and appearance, the Empress Loveseat by Manhattan Home Design by will make HER feel nothing less than an empress.

Embedded with deeply tufted buttons, cushions so luscious and armrests that befit a throne, the Empress Loveseat by Manhattan Home Design rests on firm wooden legs. Because of its cogitative design, the Empress Loveseat comprises of plastic glides on the legs to prevent damaging the floor.

Pro Tip: With a fabric as rich as this, the Empress Loveseat will leave HER feeling satisfied. A feeling, you love!

7. Liege Settee Sofa

Nothing but sheer work of art, the Liege Settee Sofa by Manhattan Home Design is a delight to own. Don’t go by the looks, quite deceptive they be. The Liege Settee Sofa by Manhattan Home Design befits any space with ease.

Looking dapper, the Liege Settee Sofa is upholstered in a charcoal gray fabric with contrasting deeply tufted blue buttons. Built on strong wooden legs, the Liege Settee Sofa is a front runner in the European Mid-Century Modern Design category.

Pro Tip: Something that is sturdy yet comforts her, is every woman’s choice!