Eames Office Chair Replica Collection:Can It Get Any Better? Cannot.

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Jan 23rd 2017

In office all day long? Does a pain in the shoulders, back or neck ring a bell? Yup, we’re talking about the oh-so easy to blame office chairs! They can sometimes be a handful. Have you looked around or shopped for an office chair recently? A sloppy task, to say the least. There is always something wrong - either the cushion, the base or the backrest.

Hence, we decided to make it easier for you. Below is a list of the office chairs that are designed to help you perform better:

  • A swiveled perfection:

Eames Soft Pad Executive Office Chair Replica

An absolute imitation of the original, the Eames Soft Padded Executive Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design is a classic. Not only does it look great in office spaces, but also home offices. A mid-century modern paradigm which was originally designed in 1958, the Padded Executive Chair is pillared upon a five-point base enabling you to swivel while pondering that important business decision. The piston at the stem of the Eames Padded Executive Chair Replica, also empowers you to rock your feet while making that decision. Designed by the acclaimed and accoladed, American husband and wife designer duo - Charles Ormond Eames, Jr and Bernice Alexandra "Ray" Eames, the Padded Executive Chair, can’t be missed out on!

  • A comforting Silhouette

Eames Management Chair Replica

The Eames Management Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design, is a must have! Ornamenting any space that it is put in the Management Chair is pivoted on an aluminium body. The aluminium body of the Management Chair is durable yet light for easy movement. Now, you can drag your favorite chair to every meeting! The Management Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design, like the original, is equipped with an innovative suspension mechanism, creating a sitting pocket for you. Designed artistically, the chair takes the shape of your body making sure there is utmost satisfaction. Attributing to its relaxing experience, the Eames Management Chair Replica became a pioneer in the office chair category in no time.

  • A leathered Beauty:

Eames Executive Chair Replica

Perfect pricing, black leather, ribbed design and high back are a few striking features of the advantages of the Eames Executive Chair Replica. Can’t list all of them now. C’mon! Made from the best quality top grain Italian leather, this chair, is also Don Draper from Mad Men’s choice! Don’t believe us, look here! The demand for the Eames Executive Chair Replica can be ascribed to its lavish size. The Eames Executive Chair Replicas by Manhattan Home Design are available in two colors, black and white, endowing you with a choice to pick what you want based on your office decor.

  • Cushioned perfection:

Eames Soft Pad Management Office Chair Replica

Equipped with accessible alterations, the Eames Soft Padded Management Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design can be easily assembled with no help of tools. Don’t you already love this? This low back chair variant comes fitted with two 2.5 inches padded cushions. With its easy-to-use seat height adjustment and tilt lock feature, the Eames Soft Padded Management Chair Replica, you could adjust the chair to sync with your work desk. Added to that, is the swivel feature in the Eames Soft Padded Management Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design for easy entry and exit.

Classed to perfection, this is a feat that could only be pulled off by American husband and wife designer duo - Charles and Ray Eames. These chairs are all designed to give you maximum pleasure while being pragmatic. Personally, we would suggest you opting for this masterpiece, why settle for any other interpretation?