Danish Furniture Designer- Hans Wegner

Posted by Meet the Designers on Dec 22nd 2015

Hans Wegner is a renowned furniture designer known around the globe. He is known for his design of chairs. He designed many chairs with various materials in a variety of shapes. Most of his famous chair designs were peacock chairs, Chinese chairs, folding chair, wishbone chair, ox chair, shell chair, and many other signature style of chairs were his specialty. In his lifetime he designed a total for 500 designs for chairs. Most of the designs were used in mass production and are still sold by many stores.

Chair designs

Hans Wegner has created chair designs in his entire career in a variety of wood materials. He has used conventional techniques to join all the parts of the chair and make them bear the pressure of sustainable tolerance. Every design that he made in designing chairs is a masterpiece and a signature style that has not been modified by any of the new designers over centuries. His style of making chairs and also other furniture have an iconic value attached to them.


Though, designing chairs were his signature style, he also created many pieces of furniture like cabinets. Though, his is world renowned for creating Danish style of chairs using unusual formations of various parts of a chair and putting them together in 500 different styles, it is commendable, how he could show his creativity by creating variations and styles in chairs that were not repetitive in terms of shape, design, formulation, and size. He used various materials, and created chairs giving them a different form and shape.

Form and shape

Hans Wegner had the skill and creativity to give any kind of wood a form and shape of a new design in chair. Most of his designs give maximum comfort and are still in style. They are ergonomically designed and can be used at home and office. If you want to decorate your living rooms or the patio area with good piece of furniture, then you can go for the Hans Wegner style of chairs. When it comes to chairs, specifically, you can trust this designer’s work blindfolded.


Each and every chair created by this designer has a different shape and structure. He is probably the only industrial and furniture designer who has created such a massive variety of designs in chairs which are still in use without having undergone any variations.