Creating An Outdoor Haven

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on May 5th 2016

Furniture does not hold exclusivity to the indoors only. There is a separate class of furniture that will have your home begging to be graced by it: outdoor furniture. If your home has a patio, terrace or backyard, it too will need to be furnished, especially during the warmer months. Since winter is practically underway, the inhabitants of your home and your guests are bound to spend more time outdoors. “Outdoors” in the sense of being outside of your house, but still well within the proximity of your home. The right furniture has the ability to enhance your entire outdoor experience. Check out some of our outdoor furniture sets below. With outdoors sets from Manhattan Home Design, you’ll never look at your back yard or such the same again.

Lunar 5 Piece Outdoor Patio Sofa Set

Comfort and style come together in this 5 piece set that features a cubic theme. Each seater—the armrests and the loveseat are cushioned and come with pillows. A fabulous display of geometric design, each seat has square armrests that allow free-flowing space and air to circulate. The cushioning is available in 6 different colors, while the exterior is a sophisticated dark brown, each piece detailed with allover small tiles. The dark brown wicker perfectly complements tree bark as well the wooden flooring found in patios. Adding more space for personal items, the side table completes this living space.

Stride 4 Piece Outdoor Patio Sofa Set

Perfect for smaller corners, or below the soothing shade of a tree, this 4 piece set will leave you and three others relaxed and able to unwind. Composed of beautiful entwined weaving of different colors, these pieces do not come off as mottled or over the top, instead they are balanced with hues of brown and orange. Sitting atop this beautiful design are three thick and hefty cushions, each designated to the size of their due piece. The cushion covers are machine washable and can easily be removed by untangling their ropes. Each piece has legs that stand on white bases including the table. This set is perfect for small groups.

Lacuna 5 Piece Outdoor Patio Dining Set

This lovely dining set will make you want to ditch indoor dining! With two corner seats and two benches, this dining set can seat up to eight people. Each piece is composed of intricate rattan designs, with soft cushions strapped onto the benches and side seats. This table is long with a relatively small width, perfect for casual fast meals or playing a round of cards. The high-rising table is great for taller people, or those with a liking for higher-situated tables. A great place to sit with friends or family on a sunny day, this outdoor dining set welcomes the spring with class.

Vista 7 Piece Outdoor Patio Dining Set

Another rattan-based furniture set but with a luxurious air. This luxe dining set features 6 chairs, all of which are the same in size and design, with a slightly curved back, cushions and diamond-shaped pillows. A stylish lot, with armchairs to boot makes these chairs the paragon of comfort within the dining experience. This length and width of the table makes it perfect to comfortably hold food for 6, with plenty of room to fit plates, containers and the like. You won’t even have to worry about dirtying the table, as it is topped with a layer of glass, making the cleanup of crumbs and spills all the more easier.

Portland 5 Piece Outdoor Patio Pub Set

Grab a few, beers or your beverage of choice with the buds and relax on this patio pub set. Made of all-over, intricate rattan, this set is stylish yet casual. Each seat is strapped with thick cushions. The small back of these chairs give them a bar stool type of aesthetic. The table is topped with glass panel, so no food water or foreign object get lodged in the interwoven rattan, but it can clearly be seen. Treat your friends or family by inviting them out to sit by this table.