5 Reasons Why You Should Own The Tulip Table Replica

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on May 5th 2016

The Tulip Table Replica is Manhattan Home Design’s reproduction of the beloved Tulip Table which has made waves since its inception in 1956. This Saarinen table replica is known for its beautiful white lacquer, its single flared leg and its whimsical curves. But you’re probably scratching your head, wondering whether you need a table like this for your indoor space. Below are five reasons why you should own the Tulip table replica. You won’t regret this snazzy table decorating your home.

It’s Simple Yet Needs Little to no Accessories

The round table top and flared leg base are the only components of the Tulip Table replica. This simple structure, coupled with its pure allover white layout makes this Saarinen table replica an innovator in simplicity. Despite the simple look, this replica needs very few if any adornments. Pair it with several matching Tulip chair replicas and you’ve got a beautiful dining space. A few hanging lighting fixtures hung directly above help trickle this simple look with some extra fashion.

It’s So Dainty that It Looks Surreal

There’s no other piece of furniture that can give your home as big a splash of surrealism as the Tulip table replica can. With its unique shape, shiny body and delicate curves, this table looks more like an oversized doll’s table, or a porcelain accessory. This surreal, Alice in Wonderland kind of aesthetic is emboldened with the addition of the Eames wooden dining side chairs. Their light pastel color only makes this setup all the more doll-like and surreal. Add to this look by placing like color tableware (plates, cups, etc). Then the Eames side chair replicas will look beautifully in sync with te table’s color schemes.

It Beams in Kitchens

Who says this Saarinen table replica has to replace your dining room table or even be used in a dining room at all? This table plays well in a kitchen setting, with many kitchens taking on a white layout, as this kitchen scenario does. With white cupboards, cabinets and walls, the Tulip table becomes a suitable match. What’s best in this scenario is that the table contrasts with the dark wood floors, yet supports the allover white aesthetic. Notice how beautifully this white table stands out when surrounded by wooden chairs. Even if your kitchen does not have white overtones, this table will add a dash of shine and beauty.

It’s Not Just beautiful, It’s Sturdy

While the primary function of this lovely table seems to be for aesthetic purposes, or for furnishing spacious areas, it packs another punch. What you get is strength and durability, as this fiberglass table is well-built. As this setup shows, it can hold heavy tomes and vases. Come hell or high water, this table is ready. Okay, that may be a bit of a stretch but it is nonetheless a strong table that can hold your things without falling apart.

Creating an Alcove

In order to create an alcove or nook, you obviously need some seating, preferably of the cushiony kind. Although not all homes have an ingrained alcove, marked by a curving recess in a wall, this aesthetic can still be achieved by cornering certain furniture pieces together. In this scenario, there is a recessed wall with an attached sofa, yet it includes the Tulip table replica, accentuating the alcove look. This table makes the alcove area that much more company-friendly, though can still be used for solitude.