5 Types Of Furniture Gifts For 5 Types Of Dads

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on May 5th 2016

Father’s Day is looming (it’s on June 19th ) and you don’t want to get Dad an inconsiderate gift. You want to show him you care so you’ll need to present him with something thoughtful. What better way is there to do this than giving him a gift that matches his foremost hobby, interest or personality trait? We can help you find the best furniture or accessory item for Dad based on what he’s like. Help Dad cozy up with one of our impressive midcentury furniture and accessories by finding his custom fit.

The Bookworm Dad:

For dads who would never say no to some down time with a good read, get him the most comfortable chair to do the job: the Eames Lounge chair replica. This lounge chair and ottoman is great for sitting back and relaxing; dad can lean back as he please with this lounge chair, which tilts at 15 degrees. It features a wide seat, so he’ll never feel constrained, a total bummer when trying to focus on a book. The ottoman is great for leg support, whether he likes to stretch out his legs or fold them up atop the ottoman since it is the same size as the cushion on the seat. The two cushions are also interchangeable. Let dad control the angle of the chair with its 360 degree swivel. Finally, a cool chair for reading. The Eames lounge replica delivers style and control, a perfect gift for bookworms who want to up their cool factor without giving up comfort.

The Workaholic:

There are some dads who work harder than others. For Dads that work longer hours, overtime or more days than average, the best bet is the Barcelona Daybed replica. Working long hours leaves you spent and drained both mentally and physically. Instead of immediately resorting to a bed, which is frequently used, buy Dad an alternative to a bed, something that can decorate a room. Besides decorating, it’s great to have an alternative furniture piece big enough for lying down, as this will take off some of the pressure from his primary bed. The Barcelona Daybed features an all-over tufted leather scheme, so chic and stylish that it won’t replace his primary bed, yet id comfortable enough to lie on after a stressful day at the office. The Barcelona Daybed is perfect for living rooms and dens, and even in entry spaces and in larger bedrooms. It’s attached to a large pillow, great for head support and extra solace.

The Adventurer:

Some dads have a clear adventurous side, whether they’re up to try exotic foods, explore lesser chartered territories or are generally on the brave side. For those dads, convention just won’t cut it. But fear not; we’ve got tons of playful, fun and adventurous furniture great for this kind of dad. The Flag Halyard Chair is a great addition to the home of any adventurer. Aesthetically, this chair combines features of a hammock and a lounge chair, now there’s a combination! This extraordinary chair is great for adventurous types, in that it uses an amalgamation of materials not too often found on most lounge chairs (feathers, anyone?) The Flag Halyard chair features a stainless steel frame, with a tightly woven network of flag lines, topped with delicate sheepskin. The pillow is strapped on with leather upholstery, adding yet another texture to the mix. The adventurers will love this sprightly, unorthodox chair. Let this chair give your dads some rest while extending a part of their adventurous selves onto their furniture.

The Organizer:

The neat, organizational dads who like to store things accordingly and easily find things handy deserve something that takes their knack of living clutter free to the next level. Don’t settle for a dull shelving unit or a dozen a dime dresser when you can make dad own the Derrida Flip Top Trunk. This gorgeous trunk features a vintage makeup with 4 storage units: three small drawers and a spacious central storage space that can be accessed from its top. The top lid uses drawbolt latch closures, the kind you’d find on a suitcase, except bigger and with a brass finish. Each handle is upholstered in leatherette fabric with brass side touches. It is decorated with bright orange linear accents on both the front and sides. Staying organized got a midcentury make over which will embellish Dad’s living, bedroom or hall.

The Foodie:

Whether your dad loves to cook or is bent on enriching his culinary palette, chances are, food is a favorite topic. For foodie dads, get him something that will augment his kitchen and help him with future meals. The Coq-Au-Vin Pot Rack is a hanging storage unit, attached to chains and looks nothing akin to a simple storage unit. It looks more like a hanging piece of art, a major plus when gift giving. This hanging pot rack is a great appendage to a busy kitchen. When cabinets become filled to the brim, this pot rack will be Dad’s go-to kitchen accessory. Made of iron entirely, this hanging pot rack is strong enough to hold woks, pots, pans and other kitchen utilities. What best is it doesn’t resemble a pot rack in the slightest. Its whimsical composition of chains, beautiful swirls and a rooster makes it a great decorative piece as well. Your foodie dad is going to love seeing the Coq-Au Vin Pot Rack giving his kitchen a French whimsical flair.