Cheer Table Lamp


Fun and cute, the Cheer table lamp is a winner for liveliness. Let the natural radiance of light shine forth from the transparent glass top shade positioned on a chrome plated metal frame. Great for dorm rooms, nightstands, study halls, dens and other...

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French Petit Table Lamp


Establish a firm foundation and develop leadership potentials with this breathtaking centerpiece. The French's beautifully flocked iridescent light pattern illuminates the value of many-faceted interactions with friends and family. Enjoy splendid...

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Halo Table Lamp


The circle of revolution displayed by the Halo Series introduces spontaneous brilliance that reflects powerfully throughout any room. Adorning its bearer, the glass globe is a crown of experiential motion. Set Includes: One - Halo Acrylic Crystal Table...

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Percussion Table Lamp


Drum to a different beat with this sidestepping table lamp. Raise the volume and up the tempo as you place Percussion in those spots that need it most. From the boardroom in need of a little more pep, to the homestead built on vibe and zest, this is a...

Puff Acrylic Table Lamp


If you like the shape of mushrooms, or are looking for a cheerful organic addition to your bedroom, then the Puff table lamp is perfect for you. Constructed of acrylic and made to fit up to three 40 watt bulbs, Puff is an enamoring piece that encourages...

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Silk Table Lamp


Discover rounded contours and minimalist lines with the sleek and contemporary Silk Table Lamp. Stay focused on precision as your room is recalibrated to the most inspired degrees of luminescence. Sustains your room's light while fading away sharp edges...

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