6 Myths About Mid Century Modern Furniture

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Mar 16th 2018

Mid Century Modern (MCM) furniture is having a huge moment right now. It could be the fact that people are simply drawn to its unique and simple (yet sleek) designs or maybe it’s because they were inspired by the Mad Men’s design aesthetic. Whatever the case is, people really love MCM furniture (just check out the Manhattan Home Design reviews to see how much people love it). But here are some misconceptions about the design style that we’re here to clear up:

1. It’s outdated

Some might think that the style is outdated and old, but really it’s just timeless and classic. Even though MCM was abandoned after the 1960s, it’s still very appealing to a new generation of people who appreciate its simplicity. Read any of our Manhattan Home Design reviews and you’ll see why people love the timeless look!

2. Looks boring

MCM can be described as simple elegance with its clean lines and clutter-free space, which is one reason why so many love the look. However, there are some that think it’s blah and boring, which is so not the case! It wouldn't be so popular if it were boring, right?

3. You can’t mix or match it

Some think you have to go all MCM or nothing, but that’s not simply true. You can easily add in other décor styles and use MCM furniture pieces for a unique and bold look. It’s so simple and elegant that it’ll really blend in perfectly with other styles you love!

4. It’s too expensive

Although original pieces can be quite pricy, there are more affordable options! All of our furniture pieces are quality replicas that really stun! These high-quality replicas are being sold at a fraction of the cost by reputable online retailers like Manhattan Home Design, which is why so many still love the design. Reading our Manhattan Home Design reviews will make you want to order from us!

5. It’s just a fad

Honestly, it’s not a fad and MCM has been going strong for the past 20+ years! It’s just now become so popular with a new generation of fans who love how classic and elegant it is. It’s never going to go out of style!

6. It’s for people with big houses

Although some think you have to have a big house to really pull off MCM furniture, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Many great MCM furniture pieces look amazing in even the smallest apartments like the Classic Lounge Chair with Ottoman sold by Manhattan Home Design. It’s just about how you make the most of your small space! Many fans detail how they designed their space in their Manhattan Home Design reviews, which are greatly helpful for new MCM fans.