5 Essential Guidelines To A Perfectly Lit Space!

Posted by Manhattan Home Design on Apr 4th 2017

We've been thinking of how best can we light up a space to gather enough Design Inspiration for you. It is essential for you to understand how to layer table lamps, floor lamps and overhead fixtures to get the lighting you need and the mood you want.

Through our research we saw a lot of different kinds of lamps that can be used for lighting, and we thought it was important for us to share it with you. For example, an arched light is a perfect solution when you need to add some light over a table or sofa but don't want to suspend a light from the ceiling.

Let's look at how it can be done!

1. Use a mix of floor and table lighting

The amount of light, usually, is directly proportional to the size of the space. If the space is not too big, it is recommended that you use a mix of both floor and table lighting. In the image below, we love the use of both the lamps, adding to the overall design of the room. Each lamp adds something more to the room - shine, color or entrancement.

2. Adequate lux levels

In any space, overhead lighting has the power to enhance it entirely if done right. Two key factors to be kept in mind when deciding an ceiling fixture are size and purpose. Isnt this gorgeous? Would love to eat in a room that’s lit like this! The lamp goes beautifully with the dark ceiling and rustic feel that the room emits. The fireplace behind adds warmth to the space (literally too!) and ensures the lighting levels (lux levels) are just right!

3. Mix and match colors

What works for one place, necessarily doesn’t need to work for another. There are no rules that need to be followed when deciding the kind of lamps you want to use. It is often noticed that rooms feel more layered and interesting with a few mismatched items.

In this image, the table lamps just add to the whole color sequence of the rooms. Not only are the table lamps in sync with the overall color scheme of the rom, but it also has a distinct purpose in lighting the seating area, making it the perfect place for settling down to read a magazine without any other lights on.

4. Know the kind of light you want

We love arching lamps. They are artistic and functional and throw out diffused light, immediately marking a space as modern. They are best positioned in a corner, so that no one exiting or entering the seating arrangement bumps his or her head. What kind of light are you a fan of?

We love the image for a lot of reasons - minimal, modern and white. The radiance from the Arco floor Lamp is breathtaking!

5. The right table lamp

While we agree that there are no rules in deciding a lamp, it is imperative for us to inform you about “a correct table lamp”. But it is important for you to note a basic design principle which states that you should not be able to see the neck of the light bulb, or the light bulb socket, from a standing or seated position. And if you do, it means the lamp is probably too tall and will cause a glare in the room.

Got a list of your favorite looks? Share it with us in the comments section below!