Manhattan Home Design

Why MHD?

Manhattan Home Designís vision is to make luxury affordable without compromising on the quality that comes with opulence. A cut above the rest.

Below is a representation of our vision, in a venn diagram:

High quality, design excellence and service above par. These thoughts drive us. Hence, we strive hard to provide you with nothing but the best.

Our materials are of a quality above par. Through a relationship developed over the years with our suppliers, we ensure the essence of the product is retained. Whether leather, fabric or steel, we only serve an ace. Our product design is undeniably based on specifications of the original. Service is your right and we are pleased to deliver it you with grit.

Swatch options

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MHD juxtaposed substandard imitations

With a surge in furniture reproduction companies, there was bound to be an influx of mediocrity in the market. Due to stiffened conditions, the companies use inferior quality products and unskilled labour causing them to reap in more profits. In appearance, the products lack the quality and the product is below par.


While being just in our pricing, we make available to our customers high quality, design excellence and service above par.

Below is a comparative study of a handful of our products with other furniture reproduction companies: