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Few items attract as much attention as a modern table with mid century flare. Often acting as a focal point in a room, this furniture needs to be gorgeous, functional and durable. Tables are never just tables, are they? They are the piece that ties the room together. They are the piece that says the most about you, and our collection of mid-century modern style tables surely do say a lot. So which table speaks most to you? Luckily, these side tables, office desks, coffee tables and dining tables are exactly that. Attract the best kind of attention with these amazing pieces.

Tables in every style imaginable offer something for every type of home. Ranging from modern and contemporary tables to retro inspired, eco-friendly, and more, you'll find plenty of variety of tables in our hand selected collection of quality side tables. Call our staff with any questions you may have. We're ready to answer anything, whether it pertains to our Noguchi Coffee Table replica, or our Tulip Table replica. Call now! 1-800-917-0297