Manhattan Home Design

About Yelp

Yelp requests small businesses to pay for monthly ads in order to show positive reviews, otherwise they are FILTERED. Please click the image below to see all our reviews.

Or visit, type Manhattan Home Design in the search bar & scroll down on the review page until you find the filtered reviews tab at the bottom.

A sample of our filtered reviews are given below.

For more information about yelp's unethical practices please visit.

Or type the following in your search engine: 1. yelp scamming businesses
2. yelp manipulating reviews
3. yelp hiding positive reviews

At Manhattan Home Design we encourage our customers to make informed purchase decisions. Part of this process involves reading past customer reviews & feedback. Whilst we encourage our past customers to leave feedback on multiple platforms sadly Yelp, one of the key review platforms is acting in an unethical & biased manner.