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Tilt-A-Wheel Cobra™ Keyboard Arm

Innovative one-hand tilt adjustment offers maximum

flexibility for user. Same great adjustments as

the Cobra Keyboard Arm.

• Track Length: 23"

• Height Adjustment: Lift and Release

• Tilt Adjustment: Soft-touch Wheel

• Tilt: +10º/-20º

• Positive Tilt Lockout: Field Installable

• Height Range: 12.5"

• Base Swivel: 360º

• Material: Steel

• Finish: Black Powder Coat

The highly styled Tilt-A-Wheel Cobra™ Sit-Stand puts the keyboard, tray and mouse in perfect usage range -

whether sitting or standing. Extensive research has proven that the ability to move quickly from a seated to a

standing position significantly reduces fatigue. With our patented design, tray, mousing and color options, it's

easy to assemble a complete set of Intellaspace™ keyboarding products that offer a personalized ergonomic fit.

Item #: 27226