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Design Inspiration - Room 7

Design Inspiration - Room 7
Filling up all the available room in a single indoor space may not sound very intuitive, especially if you are fond of spacious environments. However, interior design sometimes requires making compromises. The right furniture will make your indoor space exude not just beauty, but comfort as well, so the more, the merrier. A prime example of using various furniture—seating furniture in particular in a small space is in this room. The bottom left corner is the most generous to empty space, while the rest of the room is filled.

As seen in this room, the Eames Lounge Chair replica takes the focal point, while on the opposite side; another lounger makes its presence; the LC4, or the Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge replica. Its black and white color scheme is a nod off to the Eames lounge chair replica’s dark leather and light wooden veneer. Also, given that they both are loungers, they create a similar leaning tilt. On an even more symmetrical note, two Eames-style plywood chip chairs stand between them, providing greater harmony without taking up too much space. Like many family/living rooms, this room has the Noguchi coffee table replica positioned in the center, assuming a kind of centerpiece for this “orbit” of furniture.

As for the side facing these pieces, it is best to place a wide couch, or a loft sofa. If the aforementioned pieces provided enough seating, then fill the opposite side with a sideboard and accessories or a TV. Notice how nicely the thin rug lies beneath the Noguchi table, created a more defined sense of center-hood.

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