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Design Inspiration - Room 5

Design Inspiration - Room 5
We like to spend more time in our living rooms then we’d like to admit. Often called the family room, the living room is the nucleus of the home. It is often the gathering place for conversations, get-togethers or movie nights. To keep your living room sprightly and welcoming for your housemates and guests, our furniture has the right variations to do the trick. You can choose from hundreds of mid-20th century furniture including accessories and combine them to your liking.

If you’re doubtful as to whether certain pieces of furniture will mesh well with others, behold this lovely living room set up. The Noguchi Tribeca Coffee table serves as the center piece of this configuration, as the other pieces of furniture surround it in a spaced out fashion. Transparent, yet with a bluish undertone, the Noguchi table matches with the blue wingback egg style chair and ottoman and with the grey loft sofa. However, interior design is more than about matching the colors of furniture. The Noguchi table replica also has wooden legs, which complement the wooden side chair and the wooden cabinet behind it.

This living room is exemplary to the fact that setting up furniture does not require homogeneous material of all the furniture. Here exists the presence of wood, wool, leather, metal and even fiberglass. The LC4 Style Chaise Lounge in the upper right corner provides a distinct leathery and metallic combination in one piece. The Egg Chair and Ottoman are made of wool, while the white Tulip table beside the loft sofa is made of fiberglass. With colors that are relatively mild and non-conflicting, an even spacing and the addition of a plant in the back, this living room delivers in style, comfort and modernity.

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