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Design Inspiration - Room 3

Design Inspiration - Room 2
Ah, the kitchen, where you rush in in the morning to fill your gut with energy to last you through work and where you spend quality time cooking and eating with your family. The kitchen, for some, is an important gathering space for meals, as not everyone has a dining room or has a sizable kitchen. This room should not go ignored in terms of design and for those puzzling as to how to make a kitchen aesthetically pleasant, here is just the arrangement. A dull kitchen space can be transformed with the right furniture, as you see in this particular case, which doesnít have excessive embellishments.

The multi-layered artichoke lamp already lures attention with its stunning form and it is just one piece. Our collection of modernist lamps includes four different versions of the Artichoke lamp to suit your particular stylistic needs. The tulip table is this kitchenís centerpiece with its sleek fiberglass and rounded base. A beautiful table like the Tulip one should be seen clearly and not barred from view from bulky chairs; this is where our Bertoia wire side chairs come in. These gorgeous chairs feature metallic wiring on the back and matching tapered legs. Whatís best is they donít hide the Tulip table, instead complimenting it nicely. A plant (doesnít need to be real) adds extra style to any room, and is perfectly seated on the window. As the photo shows, a kitchen can also be slightly decorated with wall art, of which we sell plenty of to reflect your personal tastes. And thereís your kitchen! As you can see, with furnishings such as those of Manhattan Home Designís, you need not worry about painting your kitchen.

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