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Why You Should Own the Barcelona Chair

03/02/2016 Manhattan Home Design
The Manhattan Home Design Exposition Chair, also called the Barcelona chair or Barcelona chair replica is a lounge chair youíve probably seen in Mad Men or other entertainment media outlets. Itís also one of the most sought-after chairs to have emerged from the 20th century modernist movement. Stylish and attention-grabbing, this chair is the envy of most other furnitureÖ if furniture had feelings. If youíre still on the fence about owning a Barcelona Chair, weíve gathered some weighty reasons as to why your home or indoor space necessitates this midcentury modern chair.

It compliments most couches

The Barcelona chairís regal yet simple design makes it a match made in heaven with other couches, especially tufted couches such as this one. The Barcelona Chairís tufted body easily matches with other tufted couches, despite the rest of its construction being at a variance with this couch. (Which includes arm rests and seats atop a base) The Barcelona Chairís compatibility with other couches makes it a no brainer when searching how to complete a living room. You wonít have to worry about buying sets anymore.

It provides a wealth of comfort:

The depths of comfort within this one chair are something to brag about. When viewed from its profile, the Barcelona Chair has a bent L-shape appearance. With the seat pointing up at a 45 degree angle and the back leaning down as such, the sitter is further enmeshed between these two cushions. The entire body of the Barcelona chair is just that: cushioning. There is no base and no dividers between the seat and back; there is nothing but softness. There is nothing quite like being cocooned between two cushions within memory foam innards. This chair allows you to freely sit on it whichever way you prefer.

It gives every space a serving of elegance:

If you choose to go for the look of sophistication, the Barcelona Chair replica is the perfect ingredient to achieve this look. It even makes common-looking living rooms get an upgrade of elegance, with its sleek leather and stainless steel frame. Midcentury modernism does not have to connote playfulness, though it certainly can. Itís nice to know that even next to a commonplace couch such as the above, the chair adds a helping of chic style that paints the room.

It even dazzles in bedrooms:

The bedroom should be oneís sanctuary, a place to shield you from the discomforts of the world. However, overusing your bed will exhaust it and deplete it of its strength. To relax during the midday or whenever youíre not sleeping and could use some relaxation, the Exposition chair does the trick. Whatís more is that is will not be at odds with your bedroom furniture. It complements the headboard, along with its ottoman as this photo shows. When adding a Barcelona chair to the bedroom, the Barcelona bench is a good option to place near the bed.

It is masculine yet neuter:

An example of how the Barcelona Chair can vamp up most environments, this sitting space is diversified with the various sitting options, including the one and only. The Exposition chair has a masculine flair thatís typically seen with other leather pieces. However, the Barcelona chair replica can also mesh beautifully with rooms that have a more neuter look, such as this one that features plants and light-colored ottomans. The multi-colored wall art and chandelier give a tinge of feminine sophistication while the marble table top slightly counters it. The two Barcelona chairs provide a comforting space that does not interfere with the look of the room. In short, the Barcelona chair is not one to clash stylistically.
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