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The Noguchi Table Replica: Flaunting the It Factor

05/10/2016 Manhattan Home Design
The Noguchi table replica, a reproduction of the beloved glass coffee table designed by midcentury visionary Isamu Noguchi has got something special. The “it” factor. In furniture design, it is truly an asset to have a piece of furniture that completes a room effortlessly, with little need for ornamentation or frills. The Noguchi table has this it factor, with its minimalist yet avante guard design. The Noguchi table stands on two legs, yet the conjoined structure of these legs creates a kind of asymmetry, often inciting much curiosity and wonder over their nonstandard form. The transparent glass top of the table helps with tis even more, as the legs can easily be seen, their quirk of structure and beauty of their fine wood on full display. To understand the Noguchi table replica’s it factor in action, check out these furniture setups that prove how seamlessly the Noguchi table becomes the center of attention.

Simple Designs with Rustic Flair

The Noguchi table replica proves it has the “it” factor in this setup, standing in between two sofas and and Eames plywood chip chair. The sofa directly in front of the window is distantly standing from the plywood chip chair. Lucky for the owners of this scenario, the Noguchi table replica serves as a kind of center piece to this living room, which makes the plywood chip chair and farthest sofa seem that much more close and in sync. The Noguchi table blends in easily, adding to the rustic tones of the room. The patterned white and beige rug contributes beautifully to the white and beige color scheme. The main furniture pieces aren’t embellished much, hence the simple theme. The Noguchi table replica follows suit, with only a few books atop of it.

Thriving in playful rooms

In rooms with bursts of colors such as this living space, the Noguchi table does not disappoint. With it’s “it” factor, the Noguchi table replica compliments this playful room, with colorful wall art, multi-color throw pillows, vases and the like. Idiosyncrasy goes well with, well… more idiosyncrasy. The Noguchi table replica is posited in harmony with the sectional, with its widest side facing the sectional’s widest side, so they are in parallel alignment. The triangular edge of the table, faces us at this view, perfect since no major piece of furniture is in front of it. With two other eclectic chairs, this room is a marvel for those interested in breaking conventions. The Arco lamp replica provides the final aesthetic touch in furnishing this aesthetic. It’s aptly standing, with its heading pointing at the Noguchi table, revealing its beauty all the more.

A Triangular Wonder

The furniture in this setup is configured in the shape of a large triangle, from the loft sofa, to the angled standing of the Barcelona chair replicas, to the appropriate location of a corner in a larger space. The Noguchi table replica functions as the center of this triangle, adding to the triangular theme with its own shape. What is interesting here is that the Noguchi table stands atop a completely circular rug. The rug does not impede the triangular configuration. Although the Noguchi table replica itself has a triangular top, it edges are curved, creating a kind of round aesthetic that sumptuously sits atop the round rug. An uncommon living room, composition, with its adherence to the triangle, this living room is a unique take on corner areas.

Glancing out of Large Windows

Some indoor spaces have elongated windows or rooms brimming with a considerable amount of windows. As wonderful as it is to view the outdoors, the Noguchi table’s “it” factor makes for a lovely indoor view. The Noguchi table’s transparent top allows more light to circulate the lower parts of the room, while ricocheting across the room. This living space makes good use of accessories, with side tables, both on either side of the sectional and by the two windows. There are also vases, a lamp and a plant, small furnishings that aide in decorating this room. Pastel colors add a dash of calmness to this room, while the Noguchi table finishes off the serene look.

Rooms With No Borders

This living space is nestled in the midst of a home’s entryway and hall. Interestingly, the wall that separates the entryway from the living room is a slab of tiled bricks, with a fireplace inside. It is the only barrier for this living space. With no walls enclosing it, this living space is rather open and it uses a small amount of furniture: the sofa sectional and the Noguchi table. With a minimal furnishing setup, the Noguchi table replica’s prowess in style is on display again. Like the wall art in the background, it is the only artistic piece in this otherwise plain living area. The Noguchi table replica is good fr small storage, in this scenario it is the flower pot, another tinge of decoration to this space. Whether a room uis fuly or partly furnished, the Noguchi table proves to be a stunning coffee table, appropriate for most spaces, with its “it” factor.
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