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The Eames-Style Chair Craze

6 Other Eames Chair Replicas that Deserve More Love

02/08/2016 Manhattan Home Design
Designing your kitchen, dining, living or bedroom with Eames chairs are great ways to infuse your home with mid-20th century furniture. But weíre not talking about the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman only. Charles and Ray Eames were mid-century designers and visionaries that pioneered many other types of furniture besides the classic lounge chair. We happen to carry 6 Eames-style chairs that will adorn your home with both the simplicity and sophistication the Eamesí were known for. It is amazing how the addition of a few modernist chairs enliven an entire room. Check out our other Eames chair replicas:

Plywood Chip Chair:

Plywood Chip Chair

Our Plywood Chip Chair is a replica of a revolutionary mid-century chair called the Plywood Chip Chair. This was the first Eames Chair and the first in its class to use plywood material and a super heating process. Without this chair, there would be no Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman. You can learn more about this in our History of the Eames Lounge Chair piece. This chair is a simple side chair with stunning wood details, perfect to give your space a bit of a rustic vibe. It is smooth and strong and much like the lounge chair, itís seat is situated upright at a 15 degree angle. This chair is portable chair and a feasible space filler, perfect for spicing up a room with mid-20th century modernism.

Woodleg Dining Side Chair:

Woodleg Dining Side Chair

This plastic side chair is very telling of the mid-century, with wooden legs and a plastic body. Another brilliant addition to the Eames collection, this chair is made with comfort in mind, as the Eames paved the way for comfortable chairs that do not require padding. The great thing is that these chairs come in a set of four per purchase, so you get to stretch your dollar. These chairs are great additions to a dining room or kitchen, especially if your kitchen has a center ďbar.Ē This chair can also stand on its own, without the rest of the pack as an add-on to a living room, because an extra chair never hurt.

Molded Plastic Rocking Arm Chair:

Molded Plastic Rocking Arm Chair

Donning a familiar look with the Woodleg Dining Chair, this ainít your grandmotherís rocking chair. This molded plastic chair has a plastic body like the above dining side chair, but with arm rests and a curved, smaller back. Two wooden crescents make up te rocking back, while tapered, crisscrossing metal pieces make up the legs. This chair is hip and quirky, an instant eye-catcher in any room. It also sits nicely in a balcony, when in need of rocking a child or yourself in fresh air. The bodyís top is also reminiscent of the Tulip Chair with arm rests; mid-century furniture is very in synch.

Executive Style Office Chair:

Executive Style Office Chair

A must-have for any office or office-like space. We take it youíve probably seen several chairs of this this kind if you work or have been in an office before, but did you know even this chair is associated with the Eamesí? A staple for any office, this executive style chair has the aura of professionalism and no nonsense. Like many imitators, the Executive Style Office Chair features a ribbed, slightly-padded body, an adjustable height lever, 360 degree swivel and five wheels for easy movement around the office. This chair is a stunner even when viewed from behind with its genuine Italian leather and stainless steel frame.

Padded Executive Style Office Chair:

Padded Executive Style Office Chair

This office chair is a more heavily-padded version of the Executive Style Office Chair with its long back, steel frame and thin metal armrests. But it is so much more than a copy. This chair is not ribbed like its counterpart; instead, it features three heftily padded back panels, a thinner connecting bottom back and a single square padded seat. This seat is excellent for long hours at the office. From the size, its back looks block-like from the panels, giving off a more whimsical air.

Management Style Office Chair:

Light, yet professional, this chair is the younger brother of the Executive Style Office Chair, as it carries the same design, but with a smaller construction. The Management Style Office Chair also has all-over ribbing in the body and a similarly-shaped back. This chair is ideal for those who prefer the ďbite sizeĒ version of things. This chair is great for shorter tables and shorter people, as its back is lessoned by a few ribbed panels.

Padded Management Style Office Chair:

Padded Management Style Office Chair

This chair is the younger sibling of the Padded Executive Style Office Chair, as it features the same puffy panel and seat design. This chair also features a smaller back and is ideal for shorter people as well. Like the other Eames Office chairs, this replica has a steel frame, lever, 5 wheels and thin metal armrests. This gorgeous chair is a great addition to any office, especially one that doesnít need more attention taken off a table, as this one is smaller.
Mix and match the office and wooden Eames-style chairs in your home or office today!
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